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By W. Schramm, H. Krebs, S. Fleissner (auth.), Professor Dr. med. Inge Scharrer, Professor Dr. med. Wolfgang Schramm (eds.)

This ebook comprises the contributions to the thirtieth Hemophilia Symposium, 1999. the most subject matters are HIV an infection, inhibitors in hemophilia, smooth therapy of hemophilia, drug-induced thrombophilia and pediatric hemostasiology. the quantity is rounded off by means of quite a few loose papers and posters on hemophilia and linked topics.

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Healthy Carriers« Patients for whom treatment probably offers little benefit are those with persistently normal aminotransferases. M. Diepolder Table 2. Contra indications to interferon-a and ribavirin treatment Interferon -a Ribavirin Absolute contraindications Present or past psychosis or severe depression End-stage renal failure Neutropenia or thrombopenia Anemia Organ transplantation except liver Hemoglobinopathies Symptomatic heart disease Severe heart disease Decompensated cirrhosis Pregnancy Uncontrolled seizures No reliable method for contraception Active alcoholism or drug abuse Relative contra indications Uncontrolled diabetes Uncontrolled arterial hypertension Old age Autoimmune disorders, esp.

N Engl J Med. 341:556-62. 4. Armstrong, G. , M. J. Alter, G. M. McQuillan, and H. S. Margolis. 2000. The past incidence of hepatitis C virus infection: implications for the future burden of chronic liver disease in the United States. Hepatology. 31:777-82. 5. , C. Tiribelli, G. Saccoccio, M. Sodde, N. Fratti, C. De Martin, and G. Cristianini. 1994. Prevalence of chronic liver disease in the general population of northern Italy: the Dionysos Study. Hepatology. 20:1442-9. 6. , and P. Marcellin. 2000.

Today, chronic hepatitis C accounts for 70% of cases of chronic hepatitis, and 20-40% of those will develop cirrhosis within 10-20 years after onset of disease [6, 14]. In cirrhotic patients the incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma is 1-4% per year [5]. In most Western countries, HCV-related liver disease is now the leading indication for liver transplantation. Blood products were the major source of infection until efficient blood donor screening could be implemented in the early 1990S; subsequently, the risk of infection by blood products has dropped dramatically and is now estimated to be around 1:100,000 per unit of blood [15].

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