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By Bernd Kortmann (ed.), Tanja Herrmann (ed.), Lukas Pietsch (ed.), Susanne Wagner (ed.)

This quantity bargains qualitative in addition to corpus-based quantitative experiences on 3 domain names of grammatical edition within the British Isles. All stories draw seriously at the Freiburg English Dialect Corpus (FRED), a automated corpus for predominantly British English dialects comprising a few 2.5 million phrases. in addition to an account of FRED and the benefits which a functional-typological framework deals for the examine of dialect grammar, the quantity comprises the next 3 significant studies.

Tanja Herrmann's learn is the 1st systematic cross-regional learn of relativization thoughts for Scotland, Northern eire, and 4 significant dialect parts in England. In her learn layout Hermann has incorporated a few matters an important in typological examine on relative clauses, mainly the Noun word Accessibility Hierarchy. Lukas Pietsch investigates the so-called Northern topic Rule, a different contract phenomenon recognized from Northern England, Scotland and northern eire. His research is based mostly at the Northern eire Transcribed Corpus of Speech, but additionally at the FRED and SED facts (Survey of English Dialects) for the North of britain. Susanne Wagner is anxious with the phenomenon of pronominal gender, focussing in particular at the typologically really certain semantic gender approach within the dialects of Southwest England.

This quantity should be of curiosity to dialectologists, sociolinguists, typologists, ancient linguists, grammarians, and a person drawn to the constitution of spontaneous spoken English.

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E. objects of prepositions (OP)) in declarative clauses: He gave herIO the book – he gave the book to herOP. Resulting from that and from the fact that English is one of the languages which “[f]or purposes of relative clause formation, ... assimilate indirect objects to the other oblique cases” (Keenan and Comrie 1977: 72), indirect objects are very infrequently relativized (six instances in the entire data). Therefore, the syntactic position IO was subsumed under a bracketed group called OTHER, whose miscellaneous members are outside the scope of this version of the Accessibility Hierarchy.

7% in the East Anglian subcorpus, which, as a whole, is closest to the standard variety. In other words, the composition of speakers and the dialectal quality of the data of the corpora are reflected in the frequency of wh-pronouns. 8% wh-pronouns). e. broad) a subcorpus is: whom (two instances in Scotland; two in the Central Midlands) and whose (three in the Central Midlands) only appear in two of the three less broad subcorpora. Thus, the frequency of wh-pronouns serves as a yardstick for the degree of standardization or traditionality of speech, respectively.

0 All six dialects conform to Standard English in restricting who and its casemarked forms whom and whose to personal antecedents. The nine cases of who relativizing nonpersonal antecedents belong to the sanctioned borderline cases, such as personalized animals and things (cf. Quirk et al. 1985: 1245–1246 and 314–318): Three instances refer to domestic animals like cows and horses, as in (3), one to a car, and five to collective nouns. (3) you had to have a cow the top side [who ’d make the other one stay her own side].

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