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It provides me nice excitement to put in writing a foreword to :\1r. Sen's first-class publication, and for 2 purposes specifically. within the first position, in generating it, Mr. Sen has performed anything vvhich i've got lengthy felt had to be performed, and which I at one time had am­ bitions to do myself. \Vhen, over thirty years in the past, and after a few years of perform on the Bar, I first entered the criminal aspect of the British international provider, I had no longer been operating for lengthy within the international place of work ahead of I conceived the belief of writing - or at any expense compiling - a ebook to which (in my very own brain) I gave the identify of "A ~fanual of international workplace legislation. " This paintings, had I ever produced it within the shape within which I visualised it, may not likely were released con­ sistently with the necessities of reliable discretion. yet this didn't fear me as i used to be purely considering whatever for personal flow in the carrier and in govt circles. :Mr. Sen's goal has been broader and extra public-spirited than mine was once; yet its foundation is basically the same.

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Thus the practice of exchanging officials known as High Commissioners between the Commonwealth countries grew up. In 1947 the Dominions of India and Pakistan were formed out of the former Indian Empire and became states equal in status with the other Dominions under the provisions of the Statute of \Vestminster 1931, and thus acquired the right of legation. \falaya, Nigeria, Cyprus, Sierra Leone and Tanganyika acquired the same status. In the Commonwealth Conference of 1949 the position of the British Commonwealth underwent a radical change.

1 Yearbook of International Law Commission, 1958, p. 100 2 Ibid. 3 Satow, op. , p. 135 28 DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS, FUNCTIONS AND PRIVILEGES national of a state was seldom received as the envoy of a foreign state in his own country. In France, it appears to have been for some time settled as a constitutional maxim that French citizens are not admissible as foreign ambassadors or ministers in Paris, and for nearly a hundred years past the British Government has refused to receive British subjects as heads of foreign missions.

Ismail who was an Indian national. This case is, however, not a direct illustration of a national of the receiving state being received as a diplomatic envoy since both India and Pakistan at that time were dominions owing allegiance to the Crown and the Indian and Pakistani citizenship 1 Satow, op. , p. I38. ESTABLISHMENT AND CONDUCT laws had not been finalised. But since occasions may arise for accreditation of a national of a receiving state, the International Law Commission recommended that such appointments should be made only with the express consent of the receiving state.

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