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By Christopher Pountain

A heritage of the Spanish Language via Texts examines the evolution of the Spanish language from the center a while to the current day. Pountain explores quite a lot of texts from poetry, via newspaper articles and political files, to a Bunuel movie script and a love letter. With keypoints and a cautious indexing and cross-referencing process this e-book can be utilized as a freestanding background of the language independently of the illustrative texts themselves.

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Keypoint: the case-system of Latin (p. 263). 12) are used with a frequency in excess of what is usual in literary Latin for the demonstratives ILLE and IPSE and in a way that sometimes suggests either the anaphoric or the defining functions of the Romance definite article, which in Spanish and most other Romance languages derived from the forms of Lat. ILLE. This is a feature of several ‘vulgar’ texts, and is extremely difficult to interpret. Ipsut oliballa . . 3) and illas cupas . . 6) seem to illustrate the use of ipsut and illas in a defining function: ‘the “oliballa” [in the chamber]’, ‘the/those barrels which are stored’.

5. Keypoint: consonant groups (p. 267). 2) appears to indicate a reduction of the Latin ˘ MI˘NE [DO ˘ MI˘NUS] by the syncope of the /ı˘ / vowel. This proparoxytone DO is exactly what happens in the Western Romance languages, cf. Sp. dueño < Lat. ˘ MI˘NU[S], hombre < Lat. HO ˘ MI˘NE [HO ˘ MO]. /o˘mne/ existed at an intermediate stage. Keypoint: stress (p. 291). 14) corresponding to Lat. CU ˘ STO ¯ DI˘O] can be taken as evidence of the merger of tonic /u˘/ and /o¯/ [CU which was a widespread feature of Romance, though the eventual result of this merger in Spanish was /o/.

Precio uel conkambiatjone de te . . id e t uilla in termino de Ka tella que dicent Tobeira, . . UIIII. {nobem} qui unt jn flumine Ebro {Hebro} ubi dicent Bado longo . . terras et ka a et ortale et mazanare cum prati , pa cui . , 15 de jlla uia qui di currit de Freda ad jlla cote de jlla Lopeira usque ad jllo ad terminu de jllo monte que dicen E ura ad jlla Monneka; et de parte Kannozeto, de kanaliella E pe a u que ad jpsa Lopeira {Lopera} . . Et jp a terra et jpso mazanare qui e t latu rio qui di currit de Kadrecta .

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