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De Moor, S. Segert, and D. Pardee. Parker's article breaks new ground because it has served to refocus scholarly investigation of Ugaritic verse structure (Parker 1974). He begins with a review and critique of several early studies of Ugaritic verse, focusing particularly upon the various metrical systems which have been proposed. Although he recognizes the problems inherent in the traditional accent-meter systems, he is unconvinced by Young's absolute denial of meter. He then evaluates the studies which argue that parallelism is the only significant component of the Ugaritic poetic tradition.

Gevirtz went beyond the phenomenon of word-pairs when he made another important observation about the nature of parallelism. He noted that since the work of Lowth, parallelism had been treated almost exclusively in terms of the semantic correspondence of one line to the next. Rather than such a restricted focus, Gevirtz proposed investigating syntactic parallelism, the syntactic correspondence of cola (Gevirtz 1963, 8 ) . He did not exploit his own suggestion. 2 See the discussion of word pairs in Chapter 1.

For example, in CTA 14 i 8-9 the term ahm is paralleled by bn um. The parallelism thus shows bn urn to be an "element" (Parker 1974, 289). 12 His analysis of the Krt text shows that in one-half of the parallel bicola there are three parallel elements (which he designates 3 // 3 ) , and in one quarter there are two parallel elements (either 3 // 2 or 2 // 2). Parker's study is significant in several respects. His is one of the first of a new series of articles investigating the nature of Ugaritic verse.

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