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You don't know until you try! Retracting a Bad Bid Everybody makes mistakes. What happens if you place a bid in an auction that you shouldn't have placed? Fortunatelybut reluctantlyeBay lets you retract bids under certain circumstances. When does eBay allow you to retract your bid? Well, if the seller has substantially changed the description of the item after you bid, you're free to change your mind, too. You can also retract your bid if you made a "clear error" in the amount of your bid. " Well, bidding $100 when you meant to bid $10 is clearly an error; other circumstances are left up to your judgment.

It goes without saying that you should never respond to this type of email, no matter how official-looking it 42 Part I: ESSENTIAL EBAY Part II: EBAY FOR BIDDERS 43 appears. If you want to make changes to your eBay or PayPal account, never do so from an email link. Instead, use your web browser to go directly to the official site, and make your changes there. No one from eBay or PayPal will ever ask you for this information via email. Be warned! Getting Started Now that you're all signed up (and aware of eBay's fee structure), you're ready to start biddingand selling.

Subtract the estimated shipping/handling price from the price you're willing to pay; this becomes your maximum bid price. • Email the seller if you have any questions about anything. • Decide whether you really want to bid; every bid you make should be a serious, binding bid. "Mike Sez" It's okay for shipping/handling to be a little higher than actual shipping; the seller has to pay for packing materials and so forth. But if the charge runs more than 10%15% (up to a buck or so) higher, the seller is viewing shipping/handling as a profit center, at your expense.

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