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By G. W. H. Stamp MBChB, MRCPath, N. A. Wright MA, DSc, MD, PhD, FRCPath (auth.)

It is simple to be convinced that a suitable physique of recommendation is out there to applicants concerning the content material of an exam upon getting handed it. Prospectively, the first and ultimate Examinations of the Royal university of Pathologists will seem to such a lot to contain the assimilation of what turns out on the time an inexhaustible quantity of knowledge, and the new swap within the university exam process has now not decreased this crisis for almost all of applicants. the ideas for education for the recent half I exam nation that this can be the "major hurdle of the MRCPath" and it really is transparent that it'll ensure no matter if applicants are compatible for education to be able to allow them to instruction independently as experts after half II. those normal goals and pursuits don't resolution questions equivalent to "How a lot do i must find out about glomerulonephritis?" or "Where do I cease with the lymphomas?" this article makes an attempt to solve the trouble of understanding what common to try at, utilizing university questions as its place to begin. It concentrates at the crucial foundation of any unmarried solution; many applicants for the recent three-year exam will recognize extra approximately person themes than is acknowledged the following. in spite of the fact that, it's the breadth of data required that's a characteristic of school examinations and this article might actually help with this problem.

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Diseases of immunity. In: Pathologic Basis of Disease, 4th edition. p204-209. B. Saunders, Philadelphia (1989). 1) Describe and discuss the histological changes produced by pathogenic fungi Introduction Fungal types Pathogenicity (immunodeficiency) Range of tumour responses 1. g. suppurative, granulomatous, etc. , & Kumar, V. Fungal, protozoal and helminthic diseases aqd sarcoidosis. In: Pathologic Basis of Disease. 4th edition. p385-396. B. Saunders, Philadelphia (1989). P. A guide to the histological identification of fungi in tissues.

J. Clin. Patholl (1973) 26: 828-831. Describe the pathology of neurofibromatosis In such a question, the best approach would be to split up the various aspects into side headings with brief descriptions, very closely following the essay plan style. There should really be a concentration on the most frequent findings such as the neurofibromas, cafe au lait spots and Lisch nodules, followed by a description of the abnormalities in the skeleton and other organs, and finally the most clinically significant complications such as malignant transformation of neurofibromas and other neoplasms.

Editorial: What are anti-oncogenes? J. Pathol. (1988) 154: 297-298. Discuss the role of oncogenes in carcinogenesis (October 1986, Paper 1, Question 1) Discuss the role of growth factors in neoplasia Introduction Definition (miscellaneous group of molecules acting in a paracrine fashion) Relationship to oncogene products General characteristics (low mw <80 kD; local action; specific cell surface receptors; affect cell differentiation ± growth) Types of growth factors (GFs) 1) Epidermal GF 2) Colony stimulatinu factors (C5F) 3) Platelet derived GF 4) Fibroblast GF 2.

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