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By Nihon Sofutowea Kagakkai

The 3rd quantity of this serial e-book includes unique study contributions, together with a number of on object-oriented programming. it's a translation of the unique works in the Japan Society of software program technological know-how and expertise

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Thus, the effects caused by protocol modification can be localized to a single module, that is, one connection. In addition, it provides flexibility that enables multiple protocols to coexist in a single layer. Another advantage of this implementation model is that it can be easily implemented using an object-oriented programming language. In this paper, a TCP/IP protocol implemented using the TAO language is described in detail. The TCP/IP protocol suite [2] is a de facto standard protocol suite in the research and development community.

2 BSD operating system. The following data was collected on the VAX 11/780. (1) Computation time: The results for computation time (and its overall ratio) are shown below: Table generation 484 s (58%) Translation to inner representation 198 s (24%) Generation of attribute evaluation function 152 s (18%) The generation of the action/goto table takes about 60% of the total preprocessing time. However, that does not seem critical: On the construction of some grammar in a CAG, there will be many more modifications to semantical descriptions of CAG rules, such as revision of attribute definitions, than to syntactical descriptions.

For all synthesized attribute definitions of the LSYM, if a definition has an inherited attribute occurrence of the LSYM, then delete this definition and add this attribute occurrence of the left-hand side of the definition to DELSET. (3) For every CAG rule in C, if an attribute occurrence in the right-hand side of an attribute definition of the LSYM is a member of DELSET, then add this attribute occurrence of the left-hand side of this definition to DELSET and delete this definition. (4) Repeat the above steps as long as new synthesized attribute occurence are added to DELSET.

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