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By Dr. J. F. Lycklama à Nijeholt (auth.)

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However, as earnest technical experts even risk a prediction which to layman's ears sounds most fantastic, namely that the final success of earthly flying will be emigration from the earth, when this be comes uninhabitable 1), it surely may not be called preposterous to suppose the possibility of oxygen apparatus enabling coming generations to navigate the high er regions. Though the chance of really frequent traffic there, seems not very great, still it is desirable to keep to the sovereignty principle also for the highest regions, as long as the possibility of any use exists.

III p. ~97. art. 2. Belgium. Loi qui ouvre un eredit au departement des travaux publies pour pourvoir al'aehevement des lignes telegraphiques. 14 avr. 1852. Mon. du 20 avr. 1852. art. 4. Loi du 23 mai 1876 autorisant des eoneessions de telegraphie loeale. Mon. du 28 mai 1876. art. 5. Loi eoneernant l'etablissement et l'exploitation de reseaux telephoniques, 11 juin 1883. Mon. du 12 juin 1883. art.. 4. Sueh diseussions of these laws as we have been abie to consult (Holland, France, Germany, Belgium) showed us clearly that the makers considered the stretching ofwires over another's property unlawful unless legally admitted.

Then also the rule, practised by most countries, that forbids hunting on ground where one has no legal right to do so, would miss a good deal of its effect if flying birds were excepted. Considering on the contrary the prohibition to be meant equally for birds when flying, the rule is practical and valuable; moreover, it is then in accordance with the principle "Cujus est solum ejus est uspue ad coelum", the generally adopted basis of the right of land-property, as we have shown in the preceding pages.

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