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By Jiří Adámek, ing.; Jiří Rosický; E M Vitale

''Algebraic theories, brought as an idea within the Sixties, were a basic step in the direction of a express view of basic algebra. furthermore, they've got proved very valuable in numerous parts of arithmetic and desktop technological know-how. This rigorously constructed publication offers a scientific creation to algebra in accordance with algebraic theories that's available to either graduate scholars and researchers. it is going to facilitate Read more...

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There does not seem to be a simple characterization of the dual concepts (epimorphisms and regular monomorphisms). In fact, there exist algebraic categories with nonsurjective 34 Chapter 3 epimorphisms and with nonregular monomorphisms, as we show in the following example. 10 Example: Monoids These are algebras with one associative binary operation and one constant that is a neutral element. 14). An example of an epimorphism that is not regular is the embedding i: Z → Q of the multiplicative monoid of integers into that of rational numbers.

This follows from the fact that kernel pairs and coequalizers are formed objectwise (in Set). 3), it inherits the regular factorizations from Set T . 8 Example In Ab we know that 1. coproducts are not formed at the level of sets; in fact, A + B = A × B for all abelian groups A, B, and 2. reflexive coequalizers are formed at the level of sets, but general coequalizers are not; consider, for example, the pair x → 2x and x → 0 of endomorphisms of Z whose coequalizer in Ab is finite and in Set is infinite.

23 Definition A functor is called finitary if it preserves filtered colimits. 24 Example Here we mention some endofunctors of Set that are finitary. 1. The functor Hn: Set → Set Hn X = Xn is finitary for every natural number n since finite products commute in Set with filtered colimits. 2. A coproduct of finitary functors is finitary. 3. 9). We define the corresponding polynomial functor H : Set → Set as the coproduct of the functors Har(σ ) for σ ∈ H X= n . Explicitly, × Xn , n∈N where n is the set of all symbols of arity n (n = 0, 1, 2, .

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