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By S. J. James Bernauer (auth.), S. J. James W. Bernauer (eds.)

The identify of our assortment is owed to Hannah Arendt herself. Writing to Karl Jaspers on August 6, 1955, she referred to how she had simply simply started to truly love the realm and expressed her wish to testify to that love within the identify of what got here to be released because the Human situation: "Out of gratitude, i need to name my publication approximately political theories Arnor Mundi. "t on reflection, it was once becoming that amor mundi, love of the realm, by no means turned the name of just one of Arendt's reports, for it's the topic which permeates all of her concept. the aim of this volume's a- ticles is to pay a serious tribute to this subject via exploring its which means, the cultural and highbrow assets from which it derives, in addition to its assets for conte- porary suggestion and motion. we're privileged to incorporate as a part of the gathering formerly unpu- lished lectures by means of Arendt in addition to a hardly ever spotted essay which she wrote in 1964. Taken jointly, they engrave the primary beneficial properties of her imaginative and prescient of amor mundi. Arendt provided "Labor, paintings, motion" on November 10, 1964, at a convention "Christianity and fiscal Man:Moral judgements in an prosperous Society," which 2 used to be held on the Divinity college of the collage of Chicago.

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And since this life process, though it leads us from birth to death in a rectilinear progress of decay, is in itself circular, the laboring activity itself must follow the cycle of life, the circular movement of our bodily functions, which means that the laboring activity never comes to an end as long as life lasts; it is endlessly repetitive. , the death of the individual organism. Labor, in other words, produces consumer goods, and laboring and consuming are but two stages of the ever-recurring cycle of biological life.

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