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Published by way of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.


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Copyright American Geophysical Union Antarctic Research Series Antarctic Pinnipedia Vol. 18 SOUTHERN FUR SEALS 1964 Seals of the world. , 30 maps. British Museum (Natural History), London. 1968 On the identity of the fur sealsof Australia. , 219 (5754): 632-633, figs. 1969 The identity of the fur seals of Australia. Aust. J. , 17: 841-853, figs. 1-8. -P. In J. B. G. M. ), Dictionnaire classique d'histoire naturelie, 13: 400426. Rey et Gravier, Paris. Lyon, G. M. 1937 Pinnipedsand a seaotter from the Point Mugu shell 33 der Kfniglich preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin.

Sexes, thanthe Californiasealion, particularlyin body It has been figuredby Allen [1905]. size. The fur seal appears,and is, relativelylarge3. USNM 83619, an adult male cranium lacking headedand long-flippered, whereasthe sea lion is rostrum,collectedwith the type. large-bodied. The fur sealis darkerin color,gray 4. USNM 83620, an adult male cranium lacking when dry, with little or no brown in the pelage, rostrum,collectedwith the type. whereas the sealion is usuallyquitebrownwhendry, 5. Although both male collectedalive in 1928 by W.

CONCLUSIONS This reviewof the species of living fur sealshas led to the followingconclusions: 1. The subfamilyArctocephalinae (or tribe Arcto- cephalini)is suspect;it can be defendedonly on the basis of abundant underfur. The possibilitythat oneor the othermay have happenedseemsmore plausiblewhen consideredin light of the fact that the subfamilycomprises only 2 genera,themonotypicgenusCallorhinus and the closeknit polytypicgenusArctocephalus, which, basically, are distributedtowardthe oppositeendsof the world.

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