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Also ,Leg. " I. , 2. 47. Cf. also TATIAN, Oratio ad Graeco$ 33. \ I BIBLICAL AND CHRISTIAN BACKGROUND ATHENAGORAS may prepare with fitting reflection to remove this obloquy from us". The apologist assumes that the LXX, which was widely known, would be consulted by those who wished to know the basis for Christian monotheism. It is significant that he nowhere suggests that the prophets were Jewish or had any status independently of Christianity. T. quotations. In Leg. 10 he quotes Provo 8. 22, in connexion with his doctrine of creation, and in Leg.

Paul, as well as to a common stock of Christian ideas such as found expression in Justin Martyr, are found in his works is proof that Athenagoras wrote from within the Church tradition and not from a position outside such as Montanism. His intention was not to hellenize Christianity but to lay a foundation for the Christianizing of hellenism. 20. Pp. 49-S0. 21. Quaest. om. lOS. 22. Adv. 49; cf. OVID, Fast. , De exhort. cast. 13, De monag. 17. 23. Noted by W. H. C. FREND, Martyrdom and Persecution in the Early Church, p.

Ecial pn~I~eges. T~e claim of Christianity to a particulanty m the dIvme provIdence was ridiculous and Christians themselves, accordmg to Celsus constituted a revolt (cr-r,xm,:;) against the community. Thi; attack was effective against sectarian and J udaistic Christianity which would have nothing to do with philosophy _ Celsus clearly associated Christians with. and sa~ little to choose between Christian and JewIsh behefs. HIS arguments were calculated to convince edu~ated provincials who with their Stoic and Middle PlatonIst backgrounds, would not stomach any idea of God intervening in the Cosmos.

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