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By Liang Cheng, Gregory T. MacLennan

A unmarried resource of knowledge approximately pathologic lesions of the adrenal, the urinary tract, and the male genital procedure, minimizing the necessity to seek advice a variety of texts of restricted scope, this publication includes gross images and photomicrographs of almost each pathologic entity, and editions of these entities. The ebook is lavishly illustrated with pictures followed by means of textual content that explains the visible photographs, highlighting key diagnostic gains and offering short yet valuable discussions of the differential diagnosis.

This booklet is designed for practising pathologists and pathologists in education in addition to urologists, GU radiologists, GU radiation oncologists, and GU scientific oncologists.

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It is said it constricts the membranous urethra and expels the last drops of urine. The latter does not exist in the female. The “urogenital diaphragm” is a myth. It is formed by the perineal membrane (PM), which is a complex, three-dimensional structure and is an anatomical term for a thick, fibrous, and triangular membrane attached to the bony framework of the pubic arch (Fig. 2) [68, 69]. The basis of magnetic resonance imaging studies, the strictest argument against the existence of the urogenital diaphragm was provided by Myers [82], who established a safe treatment for the retropubic veins in radical prostatectomy.

The third portion of the LA, the puborectal muscle, forms a sling around and behind the rectum just cephalad to the external anal sphincter (Fig. 2). The connective tissue covering on both superior and inferior surfaces is called the superior and inferior fascia of the 2 Continence Physiology and Male Stress Incontinence Pathophysiology 25 a Perineal membrane b Deep transverse Perineal muscle Levator ani Pubo rectalis part of the levator ani Fig. 2 Schematic drawing of the perineal membrane and levator ani muscle in the male seen from below.

Myers RP (2001) Practical surgical anatomy for radical prostatectomy. Urol Clin North Am 28(3):473–490 83. Oelrich TM (1983) The striated urogenital sphincter muscle in the female. Anat Rec 205(2):223–232 84. Nakajima F, Takenaka A, Uchiyama E et al (2007) Macroscopic and histotopographic study of the deep transverse perineal muscle (musculus transversus perinei profundus) in elderly Japanese. Ann Anat 189(1):65–74 85. Kato M, Matsubara A, Murakami G et al (2008) Female perineal membrane: a study using pelvic floor semiserial sections from elderly nulliparous and multiparous women.

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