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By Carlo Mattogno

In spring and summer time of 1944, 400,000 Hungarian Jews have been deported to Auschwitz and allegedly murdered there in fuel chambers. The Auschwitz crematoria are acknowledged to were not able to deal with such a lot of corpses. consequently, day-after-day millions of corpses are claimed to were incinerated on large pyres lit in deep trenches. The sky over Au schwitz was once coated in thick smoke. this can be what a few witnesses wish us to believe.

This learn investigates all on hand documentary, actual, and anecdotal proof. Carlo Mattogno indicates that the witness statements contradict one another in each regard. in addition they contradict what could were bodily attainable. the truth that there is not any documentary or forensic proof helping the claims is ultimately defined through air photographs taken by way of German and Allied air planes in 1944. They end up that the witnesses have been fallacious: No strains of big pyres or sizeable smoke masking the camp may be seen.

Although in accordance with a kernel of fact, Mattogno concludes, the witness statements are tremendously exaggerated, and their homicidal claims are unfaithful.

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In December of 1942, the number of gassed, as per the Kalendarium, amounted to some 16,800, but in January of 1943, some 45,700 people were allegedly gassed – the highest figure for the year – yielding an average of about 1,474 corpses per day, some 48 more than the figure for the period of September 21 through December 3, 1942. This cremation, too, seems to have been carried out without the least difficulty. Now, all of a sudden, at the end of January of 1943, the Central Construction Office begins seriously to look into the possibility of building mass incineration units: what was the reason, seeing that they had already managed to burn 170,000 corpses in the open air without any problems and in view of the fact that the number of allegedly gassed and cremated persons for the month of February was less than half the load for January (about 18,700)?

C. Mattogno, op. cit. (note 173), p. 394. C. Mattogno, F. ), Dissecting the Holocaust. The Growing Critique of “Truth” and “Memory,” Theses and Dissertations Press, Capshaw, Alabama, 2000, p. 398. Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: Open Air Incinerations 51 1. The temperature of the trench would not have permitted an approach close enough for a body to be thrown into the fire. 2. Even if the persons assigned to this job had worn protective clothing (something no witness has ever mentioned), they could only have launched the bodies to within a few meters of the trench.

Of trains 138,870174 44 184,049175 58 45,179 15,600 14 217,236176 69 33,187 11,062 11 The first trains from Hungary left on May 14 and arrived at Auschwitz on May 17. Moreover, the first trains that left the country on June 25, after a pause of four days, arrived at Auschwitz on June 28. Finally, the last deportation trains – which left on July 8 – reached Auschwitz on July 11. 177 It follows that the 184,049 persons deported by May 28 would have reached Auschwitz by May 31. Furthermore, as another 11 trains 173 174 175 176 177 C.

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